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I’m Tom.

In a nutshell, I used to be a venture capitalist, a job I loved.  After a few years I realised that the world wasn’t working as we all thought it should and I felt that people at the top, bankers like me for instance, were in a position to make it more humane, equitable and positive.  So I went to the countryside with my family, grew vegetables and tried to find answers.  I was helped by Pam and many friends and people I didn’t even know, thankfully.

Many of the answers are in the book.  They came from lots of other people and there are many references and links which you can explore.  I hope Common Sense will help you live, work and play more happily.

There’s a spiel about my professional background on Linkedin here.

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  1. ReplyArt Kavanagh

    Hi, Tom, I knew your grandfather - he was a fisherman - like me and I lived in Bunclody for many years. I'm a writer of sorts with numerous publications e.g The Gentry & Aristocracy of Meath, Kilkenny etc. I can organize your book for publication on a Print on Demand site - Createspace.com which is an Amazon site. That would give you access to a global market including the US etc.without the cost of printing the books. You could do it yourself if you have the time. Createspace will pay you a royalty. If you want me to do it I will have to have a small percentage of the royalties. Of course you will have to try and promote the book online too. Anyway if you are interested please let me know. I saw the programme on TV. You came across very well. I liked the pic of old Sir Tom. Good luck Art Kavanagh

    • Replyastraea

      Thanks Art. Good to hear from you. I'll check it out - could be good! Thanks for the tip. All the best, Tom

  2. ReplyPeter McGrath

    Hi Tom,good luck with all your endeavours and say hello to your mother, I recognised her from doing carpentry work on the house in London, with my colleague Hugh Marshall about 25 years ago, tell her she hasn't changed a bit and I recognised her immediately , Best regards Peter McGrath

    • Replyastraea

      Hi Peter, Thanks for your good wishes. And great story (and memory). Though Mum is pretty memorable! I'll pass on your message. All the best, Tom

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