What’s this book about?

The quick answer is the title.

The short answer is to read the book.

The long answer is to live the ideas discussed in the book.

How does this book help you get rich and famous? Well, this is not a guide book, it is not a “how to” prescription, because that wouldn’t actually work – everyone is different. Obviously if there was a magic formula written down somewhere, everyone would be using it. Although there are some prescriptions for actions, the only thing you need to do is to read the book. The ideas, whether or not you agree with them, will be lodged in your mind. Your subconscious will filter them and reveal how you yourself can release your potential.

The attraction and repulsion of the story arise from realisation that your own beliefs and habits are being challenged. Mine were certainly challenged! The ideas scrape away at the masks we paint over ourselves, our society, our behaviour, our traditions to reveal the truth we are shy to admit. We begin to recognise the potential for enlightenment that we know to be in us but fear to look at.

The first part of the story describes a big picture perspective of the world we live in today and our relationship with it. It discusses the deeply human emotion of love, our expectations for success, the way we interpret our society and how we affect it through what we say and do.

Then, after a pause to reflect on that picture, which many of us find uncomfortable, the story continues and discusses the power you have to change your world. Changing your mind is key and the first step is awareness of you, your community and the world.

The story winds down with some suggestions about what you can do, although by the end you will have started to sense the path that will lead you to the life you desire.

Some big ideas are discussed, but this is not an academic tome nor professional treatise. It is accessible by anyone. It is for everyone. Sometimes big words are used, but that is how they came out of my head. Hopefully you can skip through them and find a meaning that resonates with your soul. Reading the story will help you make better choices about your life and accelerate your journey to fame and fortune in a deep, human way.

Good luck. Enjoy the journey!