Common Sense in 5 minutes

Here is the edited version which shows the slides more clearly:

This was filmed by Jaspar at Voice Box at the George Bernard Shaw Theatre, VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art, Carlow.

It was a wonderful evening.  We didn’t know what to expect, knowing only that we had five minutes to speak.  The range of talent was extraordinary, art in gardens, teaching, music, expressive art, craft, drama, fashion and more in the audience.  A comfortable atmosphere welcomes you at the bar where a screen and podium are the “Box” awaiting  the Voice.

Thank you to friends and family who came.  It was fun!

Jaspar, thanks for the video.  Here is the original:

Let us all know what you think.

  1. Well done Tom…. excellent talk. Sorry I couldn’t make it on the night. Hard to condense everything down into 5 mins… but you certainly left people with food for thought!! Keara

    • Thanks Keara. Yes, we’re getting there. Twas great to see your clan – Helen and Bob. But its been too long since seeing you guys. Hope to catch up soon … Tom

  2. Very interesting Tom, especially after reading the book too. I wish all the best for you, you are a model for all of us, and I hope that one day people will understand the true meaning of life.
    P.S. This should be part of schools curriculum. Teaching the next generation is the key to succeed!

    • Thank you Bogdan for your kind words. Perhaps we all know what life is about in our hearts, but that knowledge is confused by bright lights …
      I totally agree that education might be the only way to help humanity see the big picture. We’ve been having new technology for centuries, but the way we use it has always been compromised by a spinning moral compass. We are working on curriculum and pedagogy and I send you a copy of a draft presentation for info.
      Best wishes!

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