Thank you to everyone who helped us write this book.

The book, the ideas and even the common sense would never have come about without the love, support and encouragement of family and friends. In particular, Pam has helped make it happen, providing the space to do it, writing parts of it and editing the whole book more than once! Our children have put up with relative deprivations because spreading the ideas was more important than jam on toast. Our parents, Richard, Diana, Ed and Mary-Lou, gave us the resources we needed to think in the first place. And friends and acquaintances have helped us along the way and still do. They all helped us get by and make our life fun and interesting. If you know us, you probably influenced our life and helped us write this book. So thank you to everyone.

While many people’s ideas and achievements have made this book possible I’d like to applaud a few important people, some who I don’t really know, but who have influenced me on my journey:

Billy Joel – that song Honesty clicked with me and has been a touchstone since hearing it when Mum played it on the car stereo driving me to boarding school a million years ago.

Terry Pratchett – who has taken me on fantastic journeys of colour and sense. If anything is my religion, he is. I stopped reading his books as a motivation to get this one done. I’m looking forward to going back.

Dee Hock – who gave me an hour of his time, his philosophy and his encouragement, even though stricken with cancer, and helped me keep going when I was exhausted.

Hazel Henderson – who gave me encouragement, introductions, a big hug and a wonderful role model to follow.

Don Beck – whose insight and wisdom helped me see the way forward, and for a cup of coffee.

Noel Hutton and Jerry O’Toole who helped me with philosophy as well as motor and machine maintenance.

Dave Griffin who helped me push rocks up a muddy hill, for his welcome and his sense of humour.

Catherine Meaney, Caroline Keightley and Arjun Luthra who read the original Big Picture story – a beast of a book at 500 pages, now cut in half to be more digestible.

Greta Fenston, Bar Murdoch, Pammy Campbell and Ben Rathdonnell who helped me smile and move on.

Jacquie Burgess and Imelda Connolly for buying our vegetables when we started out.

Marc van Strydonck and Rhadames Killy for showing me that people want to change and can.

Gerry van Soest for giving me time and encouragement to keep going by supporting these ideas when no one else would.


Let us all know what you think.

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