NetworkReviewAutumn2015cropBook review: By David Lorimer, Editor of Network Review – The Journal of the Scientific and Medical Network, Autumn 2015

“It is an excellent book.”
Satish, Guru, UK

“A magnum opus, a Theory of Everything in fact.  You must be the most well-informed person I know after researching and writing all that.  Bits of it resonated strongly, I liked your statement that there is no meaning to life, that it is an accident, but that there is meaning in life. That is our challenge, isn’t it, to find that meaning for us.”
Charles, Management Guru, UK

“It is making me question a lot of my actions…..all positive.”
Arjun, Investment Advisor, New Zealand

“There is a need for your book and  it will be appreciated.”
Peter, Consultant and Professor, Denmark

“I hoovered it up over the last two days.  For me, it was a real case of ‘when the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear’.  Thanks for putting my very similar thoughts into such eloquent language.  A wonderful read.”
Peter, Entrepreneur, Ireland

“Your book is fantastic.  Can I get 5 more copies?  I want to give it to some people I know.”
Ivan, Entrepreneur and Change Agent, London and Houston

“Your book is such a wonderful follow on from the Naomi Klein reading I have been doing. It is so easy to read and understand and so much better to have this information come from someone on the inside of the financial world. I certainly admire your direction and feel very strongly about these same issues.”
Morna, Entrepreneur, Ireland

“I like the content and the style … I think you’re on the right track.”
Colm, Government Advisor, Ireland

“Flows very nicely … like having a chat.”
Patrick, Compliance Expert, France

“I really enjoyed reading your first chapter … philosophically, I’ve struggled with some similar issues … I look forward to reading the whole book.”
David, Pharmaceutical Actuary, USA

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