Book review: By David Lorimer, Editor of Network Review – The Journal of the Scientific and Medical Network, Autumn 2015

meetingpresidenthigginsbMeeting President Higgins: Many thanks to President Higgins for welcoming us and taking an interest in Common Sense. His Excellency was modest, generous and erudite, engaging in a meaningful conversation about system change.

Voice Box: Common Sense in 5 Minutes

Voice Box is a gathering at the George Bernard Shaw Theatre, VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art, Carlow at which a handful of people give a short presentation on a topic they are passionate about.  Tom spoke about Common Sense.  Jaspar filmed it.  See it here.

TV: RTE Nationwide reports on the backstory (Friday 6th February 2015 edition)

RTE Nationwide covered the back-story to Common Sense on 6 February 2015.  Featuring the usual suspects, plus Jerry O’Toole of J&J Services, Dave Griffin of Dave’s Jungle and Jerry Murray of Alive and Well.
Thanks to Helen McInerney, Stu Halligan and the team at RTE.

Radio:    KCLR Interviews the author and editor  (27 November 2014  mp3)


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