Common Sense

RTE_LogoHow can you balance economics, ethics and the environment?

Venture capitalist Tom Butler took that challenge and found answers by connecting business, science, technology, and philosophy while living and working towards sustainability.

Common Sense is Tom’s fascinating story of how each of us makes a difference.  We can overcome geopolitical tension and disintegration of the natural world, and find the ever elusive life-work balance. Now is the time to choose personal transformation and evolve our global systems.

Read Common Sense to change your world.

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  1. ReplyPatricia Kelly

    loved interview on Nationwide just now (Fri Feb 06,2015) and admire your persistence in working towards your goal..... I'm so sorry (tho' not surprised) at the attitudes you encountered in the beginning of your sojourn here..... My husband and I also experienced this 'alien' labelling 30years ago moving from city to country - despite being Irish born and bred!! So well done on your progress and I Will be buying the book - it sounds exactly like what my own husband (deceased 2011) used to say & wonder how we could get global govts to act accordingly. Am looking forward to a good rerad!!

    • Replyastraea

      Thanks Patricia. Your kind words are welcome. Hope you enjoy the book! Tom

  2. ReplyJames Clarke

    Tom & Pam (+ family). I really enjoyed the Nationwide item on your family, history, previous career and most especially your endeavours in respect of sustainability on both the micro and perhaps macro level. I wish you all well and I am so pleased to see someone achieve their ambition of returning to the land of your forebears. It was indeed nice to hear your Mum say she was so pleased to have anv"Irish" son and daughter. As one of the very many emigres of the 1960s the one regret I have harboured is in never having able to use my skills and experiences in my native country. Like you Tom my career spanned the gobe - in a rather different manner. By the way is your facility in Ball in temple open to public visits or is it purely a farming enterprise? My wife and I as longterm members of the National Trust enjoy building our holiday itineraries (in our Motorhome) around NT houses and gardens here in GB & NI. This year sees us attending a family wedding in May in Killarney and we usually spend about 6 weeks in all touring various parts of Ireland as an adjunct to such visits. Best wishes! James Clarke Isle of Anglesey Wales

    • Replyastraea

      Hi James, Thanks for your feedback and good wishes, which are very welcome. BallinTemple is open by appointment and there are a couple of cottages which are available on long or short lets. If you're passing by, please visit. It would be nice to meet. Best wishes, Tom

  3. ReplyElizabeth

    Hi Tom & Pam,as a Carlow woman living in Canada I love to watch programs from back home esp nationwide,Loved your story,I hope to get your book particularly for my son who is studying Economics in waterloo, ont,I would love to visit when I am home later in the year,great to know you have rental cottages.Best Wishes eh :) Elizabeth

    • Replyastraea

      Hi Elizabeth. So glad that you enjoyed the programme (as a Canadian woman living in Carlow, eh :-) ). Hopefully you can get the book easily from the online shop (the PDF is cheap and has all the links working - A5 PDF looks good on a 10" tablet) and that you and your son enjoy it. Best wishes, Pam and Tom

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